If your business doesn’t have a Message On Hold, you’re missing out on vital communication time with your clients.

Hardy Audio has years of experience in producing quality On Hold Messages and Interactive Voice Recordings (IVR’s – The automated “Press 1 for Sales; Press 2 for accounts”….etc).

Our On Hold Messages and IVR’s are compatible with all phone systems, and are tailored specifically to the on hold system you run. Your message is custom made for your business; they’re not built from a template. Best of all, our Messages on Hold and IVR’s are affordable, and once delivered, are owned by you, with all rights signed over in perpetuity.

Ordering a Message on Hold or IVR from Hardy Audio is simple:

  • We liaise with you to find the key objectives you want to impart to your clients and customers while they’re on hold. Our copywriters draft a Message on Hold (MOH) or IVR script for you, or you can supply a script.
  • Once you’re happy with the script, you choose a voiceover artist or artists that you feel best suits your brand.
  • We then record the voice talent in our state of the art facility. If you want a music bed under your MOH, we can guide you through our library of over 50 thousand Royalty Free music tracks to again find the right fit for your business.
  • Once you’re completely satisfied with the audio production, we mix out your MOH and deliver it in the file type required.
  • One key advantage of a Message on Hold from Hardy Audio is that we archive all our productions. That means that if you want to change any aspect of your MOH or IVR in the future (to push a new product, service or staff member, to advise of changes to opening hours etc.), we can amend your existing MOH/IVR without having to re-record the lot, saving you money.
  • There’s just one invoice with a price agreed on UP FRONT. No additional charges, NO rollover fee’s.

Have a listen to the samples of On Hold Messages we’ve produced below. When you’re ready to present your brand to a captive, receptive audience, in a cost effective way…get in touch with us here at Hardy Audio. A sales and marketing tool that’s always there, working for you and building your brand every time you get a call; that’s your Message on Hold or Interactive Voice recording from Hardy Audio.

Message On Hold demo