About Us

Hey there. You know us.  Ok, maybe you don’t KNOW us, but you’ve heard us.  We’re Hardy Audio, and for over 20 years we’ve been providing voice over, audio production, message on hold and voice acting to some of the biggest (and smallest….and juuuust right,) companies in Australia, and the world.

So what can we do for you?  Short answer: Lots.  Our marketing people tell us we provide “turn key” audio solutions, “bespoke” audio production, and the “full suite” of audio services; from professional voice over for radio to post sync for film and television….ahhh those marketing people.  Really, we listen to you, and look to build long term relationships with our clients based around understanding their (your) vision, and delivering quality voice work and audio production that makes your product, service or creative REALLY stand out.

“They all claim that” you say….well we like your candour.  So let’s have a look at what we can do for you.  We specialise in voice over work, because voiceover’s is how we made our name.  We provide radio voice overs, voice over for television, corporate voice overs, messages on hold and IVR recordings. We also do post sync, audio sweetening, sound design, animation voice over, copywriting for radio, corporate copywriting and online voiceovers.

We recognise that audio production is a dynamic and ever changing field, so to keep Hardy Audio relevant we invest heavily in audio production technology. We record our session voice over artists on Sennheiser microphones, master our audio productions on Pro-Tools 10 HD, and all 3 of our edit suites run a gamut of high end plug-ins to ensure we deliver you a quality audio product.

Now back at the start of this we claimed that you’d have heard us, well, as you can imagine, in over 20 years we’ve worked with all manner of agencies, production houses and corporate clients producing everything from TV commercial audio and on-hold messages to e-learning audio.

Yes we get down and dirty and want to get our heads into your marketplace to better understand your goals needs and project requirements. We have 3 audio studios, 2 voice booths and amazing staff.  We roster some 40+ professional voice talents, as such we are confident we can find the right “voice artist and audio mix for your project.  So drop us a line, give us a call or send up a flare and we’ll be in touch to make your next audio project work for you.