Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Hardy Audio?

There are many reasons people choose to work with us:

  • Experience:- Our producers boast over 80 years combined industry experience.
  • Customer service:- We’ll work with you to get the sound YOU want, WHEN YOU WANT IT!
  • Talent:- We employ the best voice actors around, their professional ability will bring your audio to life.
  • Quality:- Our studios feature state of the art gear. All our work is performed on site by our full time audio producers. This means you get consistency of sound across all your work.
Can I cast the Voice Talent?

Yes. A selection of talent is here to audition on our web site…and we also keep a range of other voices “out the back”…so if you can’t find EXACTLY what you’re looking for, let us know, and we’ll find it!

Can I direct the read?

Yes. You are welcome to direct the talent by attending our studios, via HD Skype Cam hook-up, or over the phone. Should you cast one of our “off-site” talents, you can still direct by phone.

How soon can I have the finished product back?

As soon as you need it!

What equipment do you use?

Our commitment to quality is backed up by our recording and mixing infrastructure. We record using Sennheiser 416 microphones through Tascam DM3200 digital mixing consoles, into Pro-Tools 10 HD DAWs. Studio 3 is also equipped with 5.1 surround sound mixing capabilities. We have a Royalty Free music library of over 40, 000 music tracks and a comprehensive Sound Effects library, ensuring that whatever you want to hear, we can make.

How will I receive my audio?

In whatever format you require.

What is the history of Hardy Audio?

Hardy Audio has been a leading provider of quality audio for over 20 years. The driving force behind the continued growth of Hardy Audio is our commitment to quality and customer service.

What started as a one man show in 1979 is now a 9 person operation featuring 3 bespoke studios, 3 voicebooths a roster of over 30 professional voice artists and a host of national, and international clients.