Looking for a Message On Hold for your business?  Listen to our voice demos below to get those creative juices flowing.

Our On Hold Messages and IVR’s are compatible with all phone systems, and are tailored specifically to the on hold system you run. Your message is custom made for your business; they’re not built from a template. Best of all, our Messages on Hold and IVR’s are affordable, and once delivered, are owned by you, with all rights signed over in perpetuity.

We have a range of specialist voiceover talent just for your Message On Hold, IVR or other phone messages.  Have a listen below to see who will fit your branding.  If you want something completely different we have many more voice talent on our Voiceovers page for you to choose from.

Its as simple as:

  • Have us write a script or provide a script yourself.
  • Choose the right voiceover for your brand and let us know what type of music you would like.
  • Twiddle your thumbs (only for a short while).
  • Listen to your final Message On Hold, I.V.R or after hours message.

To get started contact us today.