Protect your hearing!

What do Pete Townsend, Phil Collins and Brian Johnson all have in common?


Well apart from being some of the world’s most famous musicians, they have all suffered considerable hearing loss to the point when they have had to give up performing due to the risk of going deaf, and it’s not just musicians that face these issues.

As audio engineers sound is our living.  Whether it be music, speech, sound effects or anything else that makes a noise, we need to have precision hearing to get the best out of what we do.  Looking after your ears is absolutely vital.  Not only to help you make a living but also so you can continue to enjoy your day to day life.

Hearing LossSo what’s the best way to protect your hearing? Restrict the volume and the amount of time you are listening to audio.  The recommended safe limit is 8 hours at no more than 85dB.  After this time permanent hearing loss can occur.  At 100dB (which can be heard at a lot of concerts), any more than 15 minutes can result in hearing damage.  So it doesn’t take much too permanently damage your hearing.

To avoid this trying listing at lower noise levels and take regular breaks when working.  If you’re mixing for example try take a break every hour.  Not only does this save your hearing but it allows your ears time to freshen up and all of a sudden you’ll start hearing things that you didn’t earlier.

Remember hearing can be your career but is also an important part of your life.  It doesn’t take much to wear some ear plugs or ear muffs when mowing the lawn or turn the volume of the radio down, and this can make a huge difference to how you enjoy your life.

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