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Don’t wait until your peak season is upon you. Stay ahead of your competition by providing timely information.

To help get you started, we’ve put together some content ideas (below), based on the month of the year.

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January Sales Tool

January means ‘back to school’, and back to school can mean stressed parents, crying kiddies, uniforms, stationery, lunches, excitement and finally, relief. It’s a roller coaster of emotions and, as always, there are many sales for new shoes, backpacks, healthy foods and the latest cool toy to show off to your friends.

It’s the perfect time for you to start targeting this market if it is part of your demographic. So what do you need that we can provide? Well firstly, it’s all about the kids, so naturally you need some annoying, excited and cute little kids for your commercial. Next, the mums and dads have a big part to play, so how about a stressed out mum trying to get her children under control? To bring this all together you need some kid-friendly, royalty-free music and sound effects, and finally a copywriter who can magically combine these ingredients to make one awesome commercial.

Check out the audio below to see an example of the voice overs we can provide for you during this hectic time or give us call, even if it’s just to talk about… lunch box ideas, frozen drink bottles or peanut alternatives.

February Sales Tool

We’re all about spreading the love here at Hardy Audio, and there is a lot to give during the month of lurve!

Valentine’s means giving & receiving romantic gifts, going out to a fancy restaurant & indulging in one or too many wines. Come on boys! Pay a little bit more attention….. This is your chance to make up for all the stuff you “didn’t do” like forgetting her birthday, your anniversary and then there is last year’s gift of that chainsaw that we both know she didn’t really want .

It’s time to set the scene, order the flowers and create a romantic evening complete with Barry White,  scented candles & light dimmers.

The audio samples that we have below are targeting those who want to make Valentine’s Day an unordinary day, those who want to say ‘I love you’ to their loved one (or ones) through a present or organising a special night out.


March Sales Tool

March Sales Tool

This month we’re looking at Easter Voice options, with a sneaky peek at the start of the footy season thrown in for good measure!

Our first attachment is a sample of all the different options we’ve got for Easter Bunny fun!

There are male bunnies, female bunnies, formal bunnies, retail bunnies, funny bunnies and more.  No matter what your clients are looking to push for Easter, we’ve got a voice for it!

In our second attachment, we’ve got a few voices that would suit the start of the season for the respective footy codes (big boofy blokes having a cuddle in a mud puddle up north, snake hipped lanky lads leaping down south).  Local leagues need to publicize their fixtures and these guys would sound great doing it!

Attachment 1 - "Bunnies"
Attachment 2 - "Local Footy"
April Sales Tool

April Sales Tool

Mother’s Day is always a great fillup for retail…but it can be a trying time for copywriters, after all, how many ways can you say “show Mum you love her”….

Actually, quite a few!

This Sales Tool features ads that were WRITTEN and PRODUCED right here at Hardy Audio. They may help your copy department, they could assist in convincing a prospect to sign, and they’re definitely a little different to your standard Mother’s Day fare.

If you’d like us to help you with Mother’s Day copy or production, please don’t hesitate to contact the team here at Hardy Audio Production.

Mothers Day Ideas
May Sales Tool

May Sales Tool.

May is a great time to canvass and prepare for end of financial year activity. This month we’re looking at Tax (yay…) and End Of Financial Year Sales (EOFY Sales).

Now, Tax Accountants have an (undeserved?) reputation for being…less than enthralling. We’ve written a few scripts to try and make Tax Time sound more appealing to the consumer. Click on the attachment to have a listen to how your favourite Tax Agent could present themselves this year.

A lot of retailers leverage the EOFY as a sales opportunity. When you’re “calling to action”, a good strong read can really make a difference to your clients bottom line. Have a listen to the EOFY SALES attachment to hear a montage of some of our call to action/hard sell voices. Your client deserves a read that’s passionate about the product and engaged with the idea, and that’s what you’ll get from the talent here at Hardy Audio.

Tax Script Ideas Generator
EOFY Voices that SELL
June Sales Tool

June Sales Tool

Copywriting and script presentation is our focus this month. We see A LOT of scripts, and our on staff writing team churn out quite a few too. So what makes for good copy? First, let’s look at the basics (the bits we all know…but occasionally need reminding of).

• A fifteen second script will have 35 to 40 words, a 30 second script will have 75 to 85 (the pacing, feel and intensity of the read will determine final word count).

• Write the benefits, not the features. I.e. The cars 2 litre turbo diesel engine is the feature, the BENEFIT is it’s great fuel economy and “stump pulling” torque!

• The laws of Primacy and Recency dictate that folks remember the FIRST and LAST things they hear in an ad more than anything else.

• And of course…if it’s a branding spot (awareness) go creative if you want. But if it’s a call to action; Hit with the offer, repeat the offer, tell them the offer! Don’t bury the lead.



We’re here to help. Help you get the best result for your client. If you need help writing, laying out and/or producing your scripts…flick us an email, give us a call, send up a flare!
Spec scripts? We can do that.
No obligation demo’s? We’re on it.
Sample reads to help cast talent? Oh you KNOW we’re gonna get on that!
Hope to speak with you soon.

Audio for Script 1
Audio for Script 2
Audio for Script 3
July Sales Tool

The RIGHT voice for THEIR brand.

You’ve got a great client. Their message needs to be heard. How do you ensure that your client stands out on air, gets the return on investment they demand, and comes back for more?

Good copy and a well planned schedule are two side of the triangle, a great read is the third…and that’s where we come in!

Our voice talent roster is designed to offer your clients a distinct, unique voice, a voice that works. Have a listen to the attachment below. It’s just a short sample of some of the voices we have on our books. We start with some of the kids voices, then go up in age (and sometimes intensity!). It’s just over 30 seconds, and only a fraction of the voices we offer. They can be the voice of your clients BRAND.

Quirky works too. Our second attachment features 2 15 second spots that we’re told sold 9 Honda’s over 1 weekend….in Wagga Wagga. Here’s how it came together:-
1) Great Concept: The Japanese Financial Year ends in March…so Wagga Honda were offered a “Japanese end of financial Year Sale” to boost what is traditionally a slow month for car sales.
2) Strong Creative: 2 simple 15 sec spots that lead with the offer YOU PAY COST PRICE. The twist was to have the offer delivered by a strongly accented Japanese man.
3) Solid Execution: Yosuke is a local Medical Research student. He translates Medical textbooks in his spare time to supplement his income. He also reads for us. He is FAR SMARTER than anyone under our roof, and we were a little bit apprehensive about asking him to play a caricature Japanese character (he speaks with almost no accent normally)…..He thought the idea was HILARIOUS, and kept wanting to push the accent further! He told us after the session that his reads for us always ensure he has a good story for drinks after work on Fridays….
Have a listen to how it came together…remember, 9 Hondas in ONE weekend….in Wagga.

We’d love to help you get results for your clients…and if it helps, we’re happy to bill them direct. Remember, an outsourced read is a tiny fraction of the overall spend in their advertising…and when it makes their ad work, it’s an investment any smart business would go for.

If there’s anything we can help you with, please flick us an email/give us a call; We’re here for you.

Now THAT'S vocal range
2 x 15's = 9 x New Honda's sold!
August Sales Tool

August Sales Tool

Plagiarism is stealing from one source; genius is stealing from many…so here are a few ideas to help you through the forthcoming Father’s Day copy crunch.

You can use these as a jumping off point for your (far superior!) own creative, or rip ‘em off wholesale, whatever gets you through, just have a listen to the audio samples below.

In closing, we’d love to help you with voices/production of your copy, or if you’re up against it and need something written, we can do that too! We’re here for you.

Fathers Day Spot 1
Fathers Day Spot 2
Fathers Day Spot 3
Fathers Day Spot 4
September Sales Tool

One simple trick to writing copy that sells….you won’t believe what happens next!
(So it’s come to this, cynical attempts at clickbait eh….?)

A bag of mixed lollies this month as the change of seasons, footy finals and Spring Racing brings a plethora of potential clients to the table.

So there are the new season fashion lines for retailers to push, new menu’s for eateries, plus the outdoor furniture/BBQ and lifestyle (boating, camping, fishing etc.)….these are motivated clients who’re coming to you with a call to action plan. But what about the “Footy Final” party at the local club or pub?
This spot takes a piece of footy trivia, and spins it into a push for attendance at the “Brownlow Party” (The Mexican Dally M’s for those in the North), right after that the same venue lures punters in for their “GF party”. The voice talent isn’t your typical “footy”  voice over! Audio is at the bottom of the page.

Writing for shopping centres can be quite the quandary. Typically the tenants have an “advertising fund” they all tip in to, so when it’s time to approve a script, they all have agendas, and all want their outlet to feature. Advertising the benefits of the whole centre is a way to avoid “death by committee”. Here are a couple of summer themed scripts that attempted to do just that. There’s a voice over “cast of thousands” in Script 1, they contrasted that with 1 voice over and a bunch of commercial production in Script 2. Fully produced audio at bottom of page.

And what’s spring without a “racecall” spot. The last audio attachment is one we made for Harvey Norman. The voiceover is in theme, as are the SFX, the script could have be read straight though, as there’s no racing nomenclature…
Please feel free to “borrow” any ideas (or even just nubbins of ideas) for your clients,(all scripts were written in house here at Hardy Audio except the Harvey Norman script, so we’re waiving intellectual copyright on all but that one), and remember, we’ve got a host of voice talent and the producers on hand to make the most of any commercial you write.
Radio Commercials, TV Commercials….any audio production, we’re here for you.

September Audio 1
September Audio 2
September Audio 3
September Audio 4
Bonus September Audio
October Sales Tool

Our National Obsession for Fun and Profit!

As a country we’re divided by football codes; AFL, NRL and FFA. Many are luke-warm at best about cricket. One thing we all seem to be swept up in – whether we understand/follow it or not – is the Spring Racing Carnival. The build-up really starts with the Caulfield Cup, and culminates, of course, with The Race That Stops The Nation – The Melbourne Cup.

So if you’re going to write a “race-call” ad for a client, the iconic “call to post” trumpet is a great start. So is using the “gates spring open” SFX, and horses under the VO. But we think the real key is writing in the style and meter of a race-caller. That long slow build of excitement, phrases like “moving through on the rails”, “one out, one wide” at the start…with more frenzied exclamations towards the (putative) finish, and then the wind down as they pass the post. Yes race call ads are cliché, but they work when they’re done right.

You don’t want to write ANOTHER race call spot? There are plenty of other iconic racing stereotypes to exploit. We produced a great spot years ago that featured “jockeys” as the voice talent. You’re already hearing the voices pitched up aren’t you! Yep, and the writer had them thanking the trainer, connections, and the “lovely filly”.
Spring Racing is as much about the off track activities as those on. Fashions on the field, who’s in “the Birdcage”…which celebrities did what to whom. You could try writing from the perspective of an entertainment reporter, a socialite…even a Flemington Car Park party attendee! We were lucky enough to voice and produce a great radio spot for a dry-cleaner that was read by a “dress”. She started the day bright and full of excitement, made the “fashions on the field” finals, lost, and then things got messy. A funny spot that came from left field and really tied the creative to the product.
Think about how crazy this celebration of equine endeavour may look to an outsider. If your client doesn’t have a product or service that easily lends itself to association with Spring Racing, writing your spot from that angle can cut through. We produced an ad for a Pizza place that centred around their race day menu, the voice talent was their ”Italian delivery driver” who loved Cup day because it was busy at the shop, but so quiet on the streets.
Another “outsider” perspective is that of a horse. Yes it’s a sensitive area. ‘nuff said.

The point of this month’s Sales Tool is to try and illustrate that there are LOTS of different approaches to getting a spot that will “cut through” when writing a themed commercial. We have the voice talent and production tools and techniques to really bring your creative to life. At Hardy Audio, we’re here for you.

November Sales Tool

The shops are already full of Christmas trinkets, you find yourself walking around the office humming that annoying Christmas carol and every commercial you hear is about the next big Boxing Day sale. That’s right, you guessed it….. IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!!! We know how hectic and stressful the lead up to Christmas can be so we have decided to put together our 12 days of Christmas tips and tricks. We also understand you may be a little too busy to read through everything we can help you with, so we thought we would sing it for you !


December Sales Tool

The New Year is almost upon us, and a new year means new budgets, new campaigns, new ideas and of course… new resolutions.
The one thing that isn’t new is the service that the team at Hardy Audio deliver to you.
Our resolution every year is to provide you with a fantastic range of voice over talent, amazing turnaround times, high quality productions, witty (or not so witty) copy writing and most importantly to us, a great experience to you for using Hardy Audio.
So if you’re thinking of trying something new in 2015 then why not try us?  If that’s still not enough to convince you then just listen to the audio below.