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How to choose the right voice over artist

You might not think your choice of voice-over artist matters however, your companies ‘voice’ is just as important as every other brand decision you make because a voice-over will not only reinforce your brand’s personality but influence how people perceive your brand/business.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right voice-over artist.

Who are you?

Your voice-over artist will essentially become the ‘voice’ of your brand, so it should reflect the personality, tone and style of your business. Do you want to come across as mature and reliable, or do you see your brand as young and carefree?

Who’s your audience?

It can often help to imagine how your target customer might look and sound, and look for those qualities in your voiceover artist.

If your customer base are twenty-something single females, then having a similar aged voice-over artist will set the tone and style. However, gender is interchangeable, and using the same demographic isn’t a hard and fast rule.

What are you saying to your audience?

Consider your message. Are you selling something, trying to tell a story, or sharing an idea?

Some styles of voice-over are more suited to a ‘sales’ delivery i.e. television or radio commercials. While this is effective for short, sharp deliveries, it can be inappropriate for a sensitive brand story or corporate message. Look for a pace and tone of voice that appropriately reflects your message.

Compare a range of different voice overs

If you have a broad customer base and are still unsure what your brand should sound like, listen to a range of different styles, tones and demographics. Ask yourself if the voice feels right for the message and what your audience might expect and relate to.

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