Words matter

To write punchy copy that educates or sells, we have a team of dedicated copywriters and journalists that can draft your script from scratch, or help you with the finishing touches to make a good script great.

Great scriptwriting or copywriting drives profitability by effectively conveying how you will provide customer value, or solve the customer problem.

Great writing, whether in the form of a narration, or short sharp radio commercial will make the difference in being able to connect and engage with your potential customer’s or not.

Speak with Hardy Audio now about your script, whether it’s for TV, radio or anything in between.

If you would like to write your own script we have put together some simple tips to get you started.

3 Simple Writing Tips
If you would like to write your own script we have put together some simple tips to get you started.” should be moved down to this section.
Write like you speak
In most cases, writing for the ear is more informal than writing to be read. Imagine you are speaking to someone while you are writing.
Get to the point
When you are trying to sell a product or service, you don’t have time for a long lead up to the point. You have to get there quickly before you lose your audience’s attention. Focus on what’s most important and be concise.
Speak with one voice
Ensure your tone and style is consistent. If it’s written in first person, keep it that way. If you want to keep it informal and casual, then suddenly switching to the voice of an expert or teacher may be jarring to the audience.

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