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Our top 5 greatest movie voice overs of all time

5. The Big Lebowski (1998) – Sam Elliot

Sam Elliot plays a cowboy named the Stranger in this cult Lebowski classic.

His stylised American cowboy character has also featured in other films like Bradley Cooper’s adaption of ‘A Star is Born’ and the terrible ‘Ghost Rider’ with Nicholas Cage.

4. Trainspotting (1996) – Ewen McGregor

The music, the oddball characters and the thick Scottish accent of Ewen McGregor as the narrator in ‘Trainspotting’ – what’s not to love about this film from Danny Boyle.

Plus, the “Choose life” monologue is simply a brilliant piece of writing.

3. Clueless (1995) – Alicia Silverstone

This Rodeo Drive inspired take on Jane Austen’s Emma features the voice of 90’s superstar Alicia Silverstone.

Director Amy Heckerling is said to have chosen Alicia to play the role after having seen her in an Aerosmith video.

2. Shawshank Redemption (1995) – Morgan Freeman

While it disappointed at the box office on it’s release, Shawshank Redemption has become a classic in its own right, in part due to the performance and narration from Morgan Freeman.

Since, Freeman has earned himself a reputation as the ultimate movie narrator.

1. Casino (1995) – Martin Scorsese

While not the voice, like the actors in our top 4, you just can’t go past Martin Scorsese as the master of the film voice over. His use of voice over is unparalleled; from Taxi Driver and Goodfellas to The Irishman.

In Casino, the narration is divided among the main actors and heard almost continuously throughout the film. It even features one character being murdered in the midst of delivering his own voice over.

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