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Media agencies embrace programmatic audio

According to the recent IAB Australian Audio State of the Nation Report, advertisers are leaning into programmatic audio.

The report suggests 64% of media agencies intend to use programmatic for audio advertising over the next 12 months (up from 59% in 2021), 73% now have streaming digital audio advertising as a regular part of their activity and 59% regularly consider podcast advertising, (up 36% from 2021).

The report suggests audio advertising enhances brand building and is one of the most important reasons why agencies undertake audio advertising. In fact, the report found that digital audio has continued to increase its role in brand building with 87% of media agencies using streaming digital audio advertising and 84% using podcast advertising to increase brand awareness. Further, 46% consistently use an audio or sonic logo as a branding asset in their creative.

According to this year’s Iab Australia Audio Summit, combining digital audio advertising with digital display and out of home advertising seems to be a successful combination for many agencies.

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