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Should I Be Using Interactive Audio Ads?

Audio advertising has always been an important part of the media mix. 

Today, interactive audio ads are being cleverly used with smartphones and smart speakers via the device’s voice activated technology.

Interactive ads allow the listener to engage with the content as opposed to being a passive listener, resulting in a stronger and more meaningful brand association.

We know that digital audio ads can target a subsection of listeners, which means that it’s possible to tailor the message to a unique listener. However, interactive digital audio ads take this a step further by providing an opportunity to introduce actionable outcomes. 

For example, at the end of an ad, the listener could be asked to answer a question, or to have the product being advertised dropped directly into an online shopping cart.

The interactive digital audio ad is a unique proposition for advertisers, because it’s capable of combining the brand benefits of traditional advertising with the targeting and interactivity of digital ads.

Spotify continues to break new ground in the world of interactive audio. Click here for more information about what they are doing in this space.

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