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Our top 5 audio advertising trends for 2023

Audience growth and brand investment made 2022 a big year for audio advertising, and we expect that momentum to continue in 2023. So in the new year ahead, here are the top five trends we expect to see.

Audio content will rival visual

The measurable impact of audio advertising and the ability to personalise ad content will continue to garner brand interest in 2023. As a result, we will see a huge range of new content, from podcasts and audiobooks to business and educational content.

Podcast advertising will grow

Podcasts have yet to reach their full potential in the advertising space, so in 2023, we will see even more investment in monetising podcasts. Not only will this guarantee the long-term sustainability of podcasts, it will provide early investors with the returns they have been hoping to realise.

Audio will drives more sales

Historically, audio advertising has been viewed as an upper-funnel awareness channel, but in 2023, with audio now providing a direct response platform, will see a shift away from awareness campaigns to performance driven, sales oriented advertising.

Podcasts will attract bigger brands

Audio ad tech now provides automation, cross-channel measurement, attribution and personalised content. As this ecosystem matures, we expect to see more big brands, with multi-billion-dollar advertising budgets, start to invest heavily in podcasts and personalised audio ads.

Advertisers will embrace ad automation

From affinity data to time, or location-sensitive information, brands can determine how best to personalise content and deliver it automatically. In 2023 we will see brands begin to invest in and expand this technology.