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Relax with a good audiobook

The prospect of unwinding after a long hard day by reading a book, may not be all that appealing for some. 

If not, audiobooks are a great alternative. Some even argue that audiobooks provide a more immersive and enjoyable experience. 

For example, listening to the likes of Stephen Fry can be a great way to quickly immerse yourself in the world of a new story. 

When on the move, audiobooks also offer convenience and the opportunity to multitask. An ability that physical books can’t match. 

Are audiobooks too good to be true? Does an audiobook really have the same benefit as reading physical copy?

The short answer is yes. Studies have found that people do in fact retain the same information, regardless of whether they have read, or listened to a book. Audiobooks just activate different parts of the brain.

So if you haven’t already tried an audiobook, have a listen.


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