Why you need an on hold telephone message

While customer-facing channels like your website or social media are at the fore, it’s important not to forget traditional communication channels like the good old telephone because customers’ will more often than not pick it up to speak with you directly.

So why do hundreds of millions of businesses worldwide still invest in professionally recorded on-hold messages?

They set the tone

A potential customer is much more likely to purchase from a business they trust, and a professional voice-over will automatically emote experience, quality and authenticity. A great on-hold message will even communicate your business values or brand style.

They reduce customers hanging up

Naturally, you don’t want a potential customer to hang up. Unlike on-hold music, a voice message that provides product or service information will keep a customer engaged. After all, they are ringing to make an inquiry or do business, so tell them how you can help.

They market your business

A person waiting on-hold is obviously a captive audience, so take advantage of the situation to upsell your products and services. Tell them about a new product or service or special offer.

They keep customers informed

In a great many instances a simple on-hold message can provide information about frequently asked questions or important business information like store opening hours or changes in the business.

Professional on-hold messages can be recorded by a voice-over artist and on your telephone system in just 24-hours – so you can update and refresh your messages as soon as you have new information to share.

So what does a professional on-hold message sound like?

Hardy Audio has a huge range of fantastic voice-over talent. Plus, we can incorporate music, sound effects and more.