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Did the podcast kill the video star?

Narrative, or storytelling remains a staple in brand strategy, and while the video and podcast naturally lend themselves to the art of storytelling – has the podcast killed the video star?

The podcast is still a young and evolving format however, both the podcast and video reflect the era in which we live; one where symbolism and imagery can constitute economic value. 

The ability to download and listen to a podcast at home, work, or even at the gym  makes a podcast incredibly versatile however, video streaming and improved bandwidth means watching video content has become increasingly fluid when mixed with other marketing media.

You may think a podcast will keep a listener’s attention for a longer period of time, but with pandemic lock-downs and increased screen time, users now prefer longer form video content in their search for information.

Podcasts can however, offer a level of intimacy not often seen with video, which lends itself well to more targeted, niche audiences. 

But today, it seems the winning formula is not determined by ‘podcast or video’ because both have endless narrative possibilities. Far from being alternatives, in opposition to one another, they should be used in synergy; juxtaposed within a single format, or coexisting on different axes of a content strategy.

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