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Reaching Gen Alpha through advertising

When we examine the various generation audience segments it’s easy to assume some sweeping and often misguided generalisations, such as baby boomers aren’t tech-savvy, and Gen Y are lazy job hoppers.

As people mature and change their views, generations can outgrow their stereotypes. So when you’re looking for ways to reach Gen Alpha (people born from 2010 onward), only smart insights should form connections through your advertising.

Actionable initiatives with transparent empathetic positioning is essential. Don’t pretend to ‘understand’ because every generation is different, and every generation is special in its own way. 

For example, if studies show that Gen Alpha is X times more likely to take a selfie than Generation Y, does that data truly matter when it comes to ad creative? Poking fun via generalisations only serves to prove a point that you don’t understand or empathise at all.

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