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New McCain Fries Jingle To Challenge Katy Perry’s Menu Log

In a bid to rival Katy Perry’s Menu Log jingle, McCain has created a new ad campaign that features Kelis’s Milkshake track from her 2003 album Tasty.

Created by independent agency Dig, the ad remixes the Milkshake track to showcase the benefits of McCain’s new SureCrisp fries.

In Australia, as takeaway and home delivery has grown, so has the issue of soggy chips on delivery.

McCain SureCrisp fries were developed to address this problem.

Apparently more than half of Australians surveyed say they don’t expect the fries to be hot and crispy by the time they arrive. 

By featuring a special plant-based coating, MCain suggests that their fries will stay crisp for up to 30 minutes, giving venues the confidence to sell deliciously hot, crispy fries for takeaway or delivery.

The campaign will launch nationally across Catch Up TV, Digital, Radio, Social and In-store.

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