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5 Benefits of Audiobooks

Audiobooks are now a staple for many because they provide a practical substitute for traditional reading, and due to the rise of digital applications, are now widely accessible and portable. So here are 5 benefits of the audiobook.


One of the primary benefits of audiobooks is their convenience. You can obviously pop a hard copy book in your bag, but because audiobooks are kept on a digital device, or stored in the ‘cloud’, they enable you to carry any number of books with you.

The Experience

Audiobooks can improve the ‘experience’ of a story. Being voiced by a professional voice over artist, the narrator can create the emotions expressed by the characters.

Reading Challenges

People with low vision, or reading challenges can also access books through audio. They can also encourage a love of reading for those who might not have been able to connect with written materials in the past.


A narrator’s voice can provide a sense of connection and companionship for people who may spend a lot of time by themselves.

Group Reading

Audiobooks can bring people together. For example, a family might listen to a story together, provoking discussion, or book clubs might debate books in-depth and examine new works together.