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Podcasting: How to get started

With a great many now working from home in an effort to self-isolate amidst the coronavirus pandemic, a podcast is a fantastic way to engage and create a sense of personal connection with your peers or customers.

To help get you started we’ve put together a few of the essentials.

Have Something to Say

Brainstorm topic ideas the same way you would a blog. What information would be helpful or useful to your audience or customers? Who in our network can you reach out to as guests?

Microphone and Headphones

There are quite a few Podcast microphones like the Blue Yeti available online; it really just depends on your budget. To monitor the audio, you can use a pair of mobile phone headphones however, something with a little more quality like music or gaming headphones will help you hear the quality of your recorded audio much better.

Editing Software

There are a ton of free and professional audio editing programs. Take a look at Audacity or even Apple’s pre-installed Garage Band.

Conferencing Software

If you plan to have more than one person speaking you might want to look at conferencing software like Zoom however, there are also a great many others to chose from.

Make it Professional

If you want to up your Podcast game, consider an affordable but professional audio service to clean up the audio. They can take out any ums and ahs and even add royalty-free music and sound effects.

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