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Spotify Audience Network Hits Australia

Following a successful U.S. launch of the Spotify Audience Network in April, Spotify is expanding its audio advertising marketplace to Australian advertisers and podcast publishers.

The Spotify Audience Network aims to make the podcast ad experience more personalised, by delivering a full digital suite of planning, reporting, and measurement capabilities to make podcast ads targetable, measurable and interactive. 

The Spotify Audience Network was launched off the back of their Streaming Ad Insertion (SAI), in what they described as ‘a new era for podcast advertising’.

Spotify advertisers have historically bought podcast ads on a title by title basis, which has limited their ability to reach listeners at scale. 

SAI introduced performance metrics for advertisers, and allowed creators to better monetise their content and make money off their work.

The Spotify Audience Network leverages the SAI technology to give advertisers the ability to reach listeners at scale, on and off Spotify.

Advertisers can connect with listeners consuming a broad range of content, from Spotify Originals and Exclusive podcasts, as well as via Megaphone and Anchor, and ad-supported music.

The Spotify Audience Network currently includes the audience’s listening to podcasts from Spotify’s four studios (Spotify Studios, The Ringer, Gimlet, Parcast), plus leading third-party podcasts from off-platform publishers such as ViacomCBS and The Wall Street Journal, and podcasts by local Australian publishers.

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