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Luxury brand audio storytelling

In a bid to move away from simply promoting the look and feel of a new product, luxury brands like Chanel and Estée Lauder have begun to focus on values-based marketing and creative audio storytelling. 

In Estée Lauder’s new ad campaign for the fragrance ‘Beautiful Magnolia’, the focus is on four love stories.

Chanel is also among the handful of luxury brands experimenting with the new style of audio advertising, as audio-based content gains popularity through podcasts and audio apps like Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces.

Today, audio ad formats have evolved from the typical spots read by hosts on ad breaks, to include digital ad insertion, programmatic offerings and branded podcasts. 

Audio ads allow brands to tap into a programme’s loyal listenership and reach them via creative storytelling that feels more natural for the format.

The medium is also more cost effective than TV, or print advertising campaigns, but does require willingness to take creative risks. To get it right, brands must be willing to get personal and tie their branded audio content in with their values.

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