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Cadbury’s Easter egg hide

This year, Cadbury welcomed back the ‘Worldwide Hide’, a unique Easter egg ‘hiding’ experience. 

The experience is designed to bring people across the world together by shifting the focus from hunting easter eggs to hiding them.

Chris Birch & Jonny Parker, ECDs at VCCP London, said, ‘‘As lovely as getting a chocolate egg is, the real generosity and fun of Easter lies in the hiding.”

The Cadbury campaign lets you hide a 3 foot virtual egg anywhere in the world and then create a personalised clue to help someone find it. You can then choose to have eggs delivered in real life, thanks to a collaboration with Amazon.


Cadbury worked with VCCP London, VCCP CX and Girl&Bear to design the campaign. 

Last year’s campaign saw 800,000 virtual eggs hidden. The 2022 campaign will roll out across the UK, Ireland, Australia and South Africa.

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