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Brands Scared of Humour: Oracle Happiness Report

The last few years certainly have shifted people’s values and priorities.

A recent Happiness Report from Oracle suggests people are searching for new experiences to make them smile and laugh and will reward brands that embrace humour with loyalty, advocacy, and repeat purchases. 

Overall, 76% of people believe brands can do more to deliver happiness to their customers and 91% said they preferred brands to be funny.

However, globally businesses are shunning humour for fear of being cancelled. 

The Report suggests 89% are more likely to remember ads that are funny, yet business leaders report that only 17% of their brands’ offline ads and 14% of their online ads actively use humour.

74% of people would follow a funny brand on social media however, only 12% of business leaders said their brand uses humour on social media.

68% of people would open an email from a brand if the subject line was funnier, yet only 21% of business leaders said they actively use humour in email marketing campaigns.

If you are looking to use humour in advertising fear not. Christian Ludlow Hyland, Senior Director Customer Engagement Oracle APAC said, “For brands looking to contribute to the happiness of their target audience, it starts with data and knowing your customers. People are ready to embrace the funny side of life and find joy and laughter in the world around them, which includes brand experiences.”