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Voice Over Styles

Voice over artists take on a variety of roles, from storyteller, to instructor, to salesperson. Here’s a quick breakdown of the 4 primary voice over styles.


A documentary narrator skillfully creates an engaging journey for the viewer. Voice over artists often employ storytelling skills to bring emotion, suspense and drama to a subject. Just imagine exploring the natural world without the emotive voice of David Attenborough. 


Audiobook narration requires more characterisation in the performance. A voice over artist can play a number of different characters, or develop a variety of voices. In the Harry Potter series Stephen Fry takes on the individual personalities of the characters through his narration.


In commercial narration, a voice over artist must become an extension of the brand. They must convey a message, rather than tell a story. This requires a specific tone and cadence to personify the brand, or product. For example, imagine an adventure park advertisement being read with the same style and tone as a personal injury lawyer.

Corporate and Education

Corporate and education narration requires retention and even behavior change, where the audience is required to learn something new. As a result the voice over artists must establish trust and keep the listener engaged. Similar to commercial narration, corporate narration must also convey the overarching brand style and tone.

voice over styles

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