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Audio Predictions For 2024

As a new year paves the way for more exciting opportunities, what do industry experts predict in the world of audio for 2024?

Increased Recognition From Brands

In 2024, we will see more brands recognise the benefits of audio for brand advertising and just how well audio ads perform in driving brand perceptions. 

Surge in live and interactive content 

In 2024 we might expect to see a surge in live and interactive content, with its sense of community and immediacy that enables users to engage with content creators and fellow listeners in a dynamic way.

Podcast Shake Up

In 2024, it looks like the podcast world is heading for a significant shake-up with Google entering the UK market (with Youtube Podcasts), and Spotify and ACAST looking over their shoulder.

Demand For Digital Audio

The popularity of programmatic audio across podcasts, streaming and radio will continue to grow, enabling advertisers to reach niche audiences specific to their marketing needs, in brand safe environments.

Audio Ads & Gameplay 

In 2024, there will be greater efforts on crafting audio ads that blend seamlessly with the gameplay, enhancing, rather than disrupting immersion in the gaming environment.