Podcasts continue to grow in popularity. In fact, since 2015 the market in Australia has grown a whopping 70%, with over 1.6 million people now downloading a podcast every month.

The popularity of the podcast may be due to the fact that you can listen to any number of topics, from unsolved crime to hobby farming while commuting to and from work or doing the housework on the weekend.

Our audio booth now has a perspex hygiene screen in line with COVID-19 best practice.

With over 30-years in the audio business, we can help you plan and record your podcast in our state-of-the-art studio, because audio quality matters when it comes to podcasts and smart content will keep your audience wanting more.

We can even help you ‘polish up’ a podcast you’ve already recorded. We can edit out any mistakes or clean up the audio, to make it crisp and professional, and even add royalty-free music.

At Hardy Audio, we can provide:

  • a professional audio studio
  • experienced audio engineers, writers, journalists and producers
  • access to Australia’s best voice-over artists
  • expert guidance

Here are some examples of branded podcasts:

Papercuts : Officeworks.

Modern Babies : Genea

Pomegranate Health : Royal Australasian College of Physicians


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